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Voice go back to first one automatically and there is a delay after a bookmark was set.

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2021/11/15 23:56:51 (permalink)

Voice go back to first one automatically and there is a delay after a bookmark was set.

I love this app very much, I have also bought a license through Amazon App Store, I have listened many books through this app. But some behaviors of this app confused me very much, I use Microsoft Azure voices as voice engine, It has different voices for different language, for example, for Chinese, there are zh-CN-XiaohanNeural, zh-CN-XiaomoNeural etc. Every time I lost the connection to voice server and after the connection was recovered some time, this app ask me to "how to manage voice" instead of using my last choice automatically, and when I choose the Use Microsoft Azure voices, it forgot the voice I chose last time, for example, I prefer the third voice of Amazon Azure voices for Chinese, but it choose the first voice the moment I choose "use Microsoft Azure voices". In briefly, I need to choose the voice again and again every time I lost connection for some short time.
The second confusing behavior happened when I do a bookmark action through the "Next" button of my headset, I use the "Next" button for doing bookmark function, after I pressed the "Next" button of my headset, there is a long delay, I occasionally heard "bookmark was set" for some time, but it was silent for most of the time, I guessed that after I pressed "Next" button, the playing was paused, the sentence was bookmarked/highlighted, then this app went to voice server to fetch the voice of "bookmark was set"(but because of my poor connection to foreign voice server, there is a long delay(about 3s)), then playing is resumed.
What I wanted?
1. Is there any way to remember my choice(includes specific TTS server and voice) , use the voice when device is online, pause when device is offline, use the voice again when my device goes online again instead asking me to choose a voice again.
2. Is there any way to speedup the "bookmark" function, It not a good experience to have to wait for 3 seconds to bookmark a sentence. Maybe play a regular "ding" sound after bookmark is set instead of fetching the voice from voice server, or cache the voice of sentence being playing instead of fetching it again after bookmark is set to reduce some latency.
By the way, my device is Hisense A5, with android version 9, runs Voice Read Aloud 24.3.2.

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    Re: Voice go back to first one automatically and there is a delay after a bookmark was set 2021/11/16 08:43:54 (permalink)
    Thank you, I'll consider such changes in the future version of @Voice. At this time I cannot commit to any specific timeframe of these changes.
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