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Hot!Paste Links not grabbing URL's in page

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2021/09/07 11:08:51 (permalink)

Paste Links not grabbing URL's in page

When using Paste Links > "Import links from a web page" function suddenly in the last week it doesn't display all the URL's from the webpage: example URL:
I used it last somewhere in the end of August on this site and it worked correctly. It still works on some other sites. I checked the links just to be sure but they can be found when inspecting the sites, though they can't be found when viewing the source.
Seems to be hidden in a container >
<div id="manga-chapters-holder" data-id="276036"><i class="fas fa-spinner fa-spin fa-3x"></i></div> </div> , not sure if @Voice can read those.
Just wanted to check if there was a change in the app or if it is a bug.
For now I will conclude that it is an issue with the site.
Thanks for your time, have a lovely day further.
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    Re: Paste Links not grabbing URL's in page 2021/09/07 15:54:11 (permalink)
    There was no change in @Voice app at all. Probably the web site programming has changed. For example, they may on the original request load only a part of a page, then as the users scrolls, JavaScript code may load more and more text (more links in this case). Or you may need to click the "See more" button - I just opened that link in a web browser and there is such button there. 
    Here is a trick that you could use, it worked at least on the web page that you listed above: Paste the link into @Voice app. Then press the "Reload or clear" button on top (circular arrows) - press "Load from browser...". The same page will open in a web browser (will look like in Chrome). Scroll the page and find link "Show more" just BELOW the list of chapters. All chapters will be now listed in @Voice browser window. Press the loud speaker button near bottom right. 
    Now don't pay attention to the text showing in @Voice window. The important thing is that @Voice saved the full web page with the chapter links into a file. This is a temporary file:  .config/LastArticle.html. If you want, you may save it somewhere else, where it will be preserved as long as you want, but it's not important. Instead open the reading list screen, press menu - Paste links - select "Import links from TXT, CSV or HTML file. Then press BROWSE FOR FILE. The app file browser appears, press menu - Show all files. Then enter the .config folder and press on LastArticle.html. Press the NEXT button.
    Now you will see all the links found in that HTML file. We want to filter them to show only chapter links, so uncheck the "title" field on top, leaving only address field checked, then type below:
    and press the funnel icon. Now you have only chapter links. You may press NEXT and start importing the hundreds of chapters that this prolific author produced. It may take a long, long time to download them all...
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