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[FAQ]Reading aloud stops periodically

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2018/05/02 07:43:32 (permalink)

Reading aloud stops periodically

Could be several different things, hard to say which one:
  1. If it stops when @Voice is reading aloud with the screen turned off, or @Voice is in background, it could be that the Android system is killing background processes to "save battery". Press here to read more on how to configure your phone to prevent such killing.
  2. Did you maybe enable the “sleep timer” feature and forgot about it? Please open the Settings menu in @Voice, press “Screen and sleep timer settings”, look near the bottom where it says “Sleep after” – set selection to “Never”.
  3. The Bluetooth headset periodically disconnects, and @Voice is set to stop playback when connection is lost. Please test by playing only through the device speaker to confirm or rule out this possibility.
  4. It could be that you have turned on the option “Start/stop speech on horizontal shakes” under menu – Settings – Speech settings, so if you move the phone or carry it on you, it could stop due to shaking. Check it and turn off this options if it was on.
  5. You could be using Google TTS voice that requires network connection, and your network is slow or gets disconnected when you go far from the router or use cellular signal that is slow or weak. Expand the bottom control panel in @Voice app by pressing the round button at bottom right, then press “Change voice or language” button. Turn off the option to “Also show voices that need network connection” and select one of the local voices that works without using network.
    ALSO IMPORTANT: if you select one of the local Google TTS voices, it may still use network to generate speech if you did not install local speech data for it. Go to Android system settings – Language & Input – Text to speech output – press gear icon next to “Google TTS” speech engine, then press “Install voice data” and download the voice data for all the languages you use.

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