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Hot!Crash when going into page setup

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Re: Crash when going into page setup 2018/09/28 08:12:10 (permalink)
Hello Greg, 
I was in contact with Microsoft. They say, that their 'Microsoft Print to PDF' printer driver doesn't support some settings/functions, which the 'Page Setup' actually may trigger by API. This is not a bug. The driver just doesn't support these functions. 
This is what they told me:
“In this case I don’t think it’s a bug. This “Page setup” provides several settings which are not supported by the “Microsoft Print to PDF” driver such as Colors, Scaling, Margins while the driver have only Orientation and Paper size. Maybe they call some API which are not exist in this driver?

The funny thing is, they also tested it. They provided a screenshot to me, and told me, that you already have implemented a notification in the latest release. 
[...] HyperSnap 8
Bug in printer driver. Page Setup will not work correctly. Please cancle and select a different printer. This Bug affects only page Setup operation, you may be still able to print fine [...]

Since Microsoft states, that this is not a bug, but a limitation in the printer driver, I would recommend changing the wording of the message ;-)
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Re: Crash when going into page setup 2018/09/28 10:57:26 (permalink)
Bug or no bug, this thing should not crash the application. And 32-bit driver does not crash, only 64-bit Microsoft PDF Printer Driver does this. The settings in HyperSnap Page Setup dialog would work for scaling, reversing colors etc., and they do work for sure in 32-bit version of HyperSnap 8, which uses 32-bit PDF Print driver...
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