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Helpful ReplyVideo goes black, Audio Continues, but I've already tried everything?

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2015/01/09 23:33:57 (permalink)

Video goes black, Audio Continues, but I've already tried everything?

Here's the problem: I am trying to record myself playing sims 4. If I run the game with no lag the audio and video align perfectly, but if the game starts to lag EVEN A LITTLE then when I go into playback the video is sped up a random amount, and when it's done the screen goes black but the audio continues as it should be. It's a common problem so there are a lot of solutions available online.
What I've Tried: I tried that little thing where you change which boxes are clicked for show a recording box and make it blink, no combination of clicked and unclicked worked. Next I closed background programs and put my laptop on a laptop fan or even ice pack, no dice. Then I tried changing the frame rate (fps), because I've heard that this will happen because your computer drops frames. When I check at the bottom of the hypercam window it still says dropped frames 0, but the problem persists. I then tried changing the number of keyframes. I brought my settings down from 10,1,100 (looking down those three boxes on the avi file tab) down all the way to 3,1,5 (and other variations but that's as low as I went) only to get the same problems after about 30 seconds of recording when the game would lag. This used to not be a problem when I played on my old computer but now I've lost the settings I used to play with that and don't know what to do anymore!
What You Can Do: I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could recommend another fix, even just an idea. I'd also like to know if you think Hypercam 3 or an altogether different program would solve this issue. The model of computer I used to use hypercam on was several models worse than the one I use it one now, so I don't understand how the bad computer can "handle campturing the frames" when the good one can't.
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Re: Video goes black, Audio Continues, but I've already tried everything? 2015/01/10 08:36:21 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby mssunnymuffins 2015/01/10 09:12:47
the problem you describe is most probably caused by the main processor and/or graphics processor having to much work to do, as both rendering and playing the game, and capturing, compressing and saving frames in HyperCam, are very computational intensive processes. Both recording at a slower frame rate, and capturing smaller frames (switching the game e.g. from 1024x768 resolution to 800x600, and recording these smaller frames) would free some processor time and make the game and recording smoother. The only other solution would be to get a faster machine...
I really don't know if HyperCam 3 would work any better. HyperCam 3 is not my product, but my partner, Solveig Multimedia - check with them or see if you can somehow download a free evaluation version and test it.
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