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HyperSnap 7 beta change log

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2011/06/05 13:06:37 (permalink)

HyperSnap 7 beta change log

I made a compilation (copy-paste) of all Greg's announcements:

HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 8 (final RC)
I uploaded HyperSnap 7 RC 8 with a license lasts through all of July 2011. 
In this version I updated the old drawing toolbar (used mostly with menu interface) with all the new functions related to shape editor. Also added freehand selection - in image editing mode, outline a loop and you can move/scale irregular image fragment. In shape editing mode it selects shapes contained within that loop. This build also contains the first cut of the new help, written by Carole. We need to update it for the latest changes, and test all the help-program links. I hope to release the final v7 this week, even if the help won't be quite ready. 
HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 7
I uploaded HyperSnap 7 RC 7 with a license lasts through all of July 2011. 
Lots of bug fixes from RC6 and a few small new features as well. 

HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 6
Finally, I have something new to show you! I uploaded HyperSnap 7 RC 6 with a license lasts through all of July 2011.
I won't tell you at this time what's new in this version, but it's a lot... Try to download and discover on your own, then share what you learned, what the different buttons and modes do etc. Your "discoveries" will help me fine-tune the user interface.

HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 5
New features: 
- added some commands to the File, Capture and Edit ribbon tabs - command that previously could be only added to standard toolbars with View/Customize menu. 
- the above commands can now be easily added to the "Quick Access Toolbar". 

Bug fixes only: 
- in some situations the ribbon was still shown instead of the menu that the user preferred. 
- a memory leak (actually: Windows API leak) occurred with a particular configuration, making the program lock or crash. 
- file names in the thumbnails list were not correct after using commands/buttons to quickly load next or previous file in a folder. 
- for images with 24 bits per pixel or less color resolution, Edit/Cut or Delete commands did not produce expected colors. 
HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 4
Bug fixes only:  
- garbled help text on region capture screen on Windows XP 
- trying to read "foreign" PDF files (files not created by HyperSnap) displays a meaningful error message now. Previously it could crash the program. 
- crash when trying to save text file. 
- tray icon menu shows hot keys again. 
- added "Bitmap copy options..." under the arrow of "Copy" button of "Edit" tab of the ribbon 
- more fixes that I don't even remember...

HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 3
Bug fixes only: 
- Edit/Cut command left always a hole in the image - area set to be completely transparent, instead of respecting the current background opacity (Alpha) setting on the ribbon color selector. 
- Pinning colors, to use the same color selections for editing all images opened in HyperSnap did not work, if the old drawing toolbar was not visible.
HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 2
- Ctrl + any key could not be registered as a hot key in previous v.7 versions. 
- Starting minimized to system tray with in menu mode - the menu was missing completely. 
- Capture Active Window function did not work from the system tray right-click menu. 
- Registering HyperSnap 7 to open file extensions did not work. 
- "Windows" menu on "Setup" ribbon tab was messed up. 
- Some buttons that drop down a menu, e.g. User Tools on "Image" tab, were not working if you made HyperSnap window small enough to hide parts of some groups in the ribbon. 
- Fixes to the install/uninstall program, e.g. uninstall would not delete some files even after a reboot. 
- Added an item to the "View" menu (with the classic menu interface) to show/hide the thumbnails list. 
- Probably some more fixes that I forgot by now... 
HyperSnap 7 Release Candidate 1
Changes since beta 10:
- A big request placed many times: File/Open dialog box now allows you to select multiple files to open at once
- You may also print multiple selected images, after selecting them in Thumbnails list, right-click and choose "Print Selected...". One image per page, centered and at 100% size is printed, unless the image is too big to fit on that page - in that case it's shrunk to fit page. Headers/footers, frame and other settings available under File/Page Setup won't work here, you need to print one by one for that.
- Repeat last capture function now also repeats the "capture window/region with auto-scroll"
- Setup/uninstall program
- new icons on the ribbon Capture tab, slightly re-arranged the sequence of icons there
- updated icons on TextSnap tab
- changed the way flood fill tool works with 32 bpp images (preserves the original opacity of pixels now)
- TextSnap now works with Firefox 4, but only if you disable hardware accelerated graphics use in Firefox 4 options.
- More cosmetic changes and bug fixes.
HyperSnap 7 Beta 10 
- Some more changes to color selection control (Alpha control is hidden when not relevant, added button to "pin" the colors, keep them the same for all images, and to make the background color transparent) 
- Added User tools button to the Image tab of the ribbon. 
- Other cosmetic changes (small changes to the ribbon layout) and bug fixes. 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 9 
- Opacity (alpha) color editing for 32-bits per pixel images 
- A number of icons on the ribbon substituted with more modern images (a big Thank You to Tony "Simicro" for finding the icons on the web and selecting them to match HyperSnap 7 functions, and to my wife Barbara for patiently editing the ribbon today to substitute them!) 
- More background styles for the parts of HyperSnap 7 window not occupied by the image, selectable under Setup ribbon tab, "Background" icon. 
- Other cosmetic changes (small changes to the ribbon layout) and bug fixes. 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 8 
- Save selected files on right-click menu of the thumbnails list implemented. Saves images either to their corresponding separate files, or to one multi-page PDF or TIFF file. 
- Removed other not-implemented functions from this right-click menu. Sorry, I won't be able to add any new features to release 7.0 from now on. Need to concentrate on fixing what still does not work right. 
- Other cosmetic changes (small changes to the ribbon layout) and bug fixes. 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 7 
- Choose your favorite icon for the program title bar, Windows taskbar etc. - under "Settings" tab of the ribbon - Context or popup help - the one picked with the arrow-question mark cursor now works also for ribbon elements. 
- Other cosmetic changes and bug fixes. 
HyperSnap 7 Beta 6 
- Save as PDF. REALLY! Sorry that I messed up beta 5 and PDF save was not there. Can also read PDF files that were saved from HyperSnap, but not other PDFs. 
- Thumbnail list, by default on the left margin of HyperSnap window, has now check-boxes to let you select several images. Then right-click any thumbnail there and you may choose one of the "batch" operations on selected images. Right now only closing and resizing them are implemented, will add some more before final release. 
- Other cosmetic changes and bug fixes. 
- A few more bug fixes 
HyperSnap 7 Beta 5 
- Save as PDF. Can also read PDF files that were saved from HyperSnap, but not other PDFs. 
- Firefox 4 add-on, as without it we cannot determine from HyperSnap code where exactly the web page area is inside FF window. The add-on has a few other nice features, see more on the HyperSnap 7 Firefox Add-on info page.- Help tab added to the ribbon interface 
- A few more bug fixes 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 4 
- The thumbnail list is now complete, settings available to make thumbnails bigger or smaller, right-click on a thumbnail to save or close the image, click on the name to re-name it etc. 
- Other bug fixes also implemented. 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 3 
- Implemented some new features, including optional thumbnail images bar, that can be visible or hidden, floating anywhere or docked to any side, when docked can be either visible all the time or auto-hide to the small tab at the edge. 
- Other improvements and bug fixes included as well. 
- TextSnap now works with Internet Explorer 9, can't make it work with FireFox 4 or Google Chrome. 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 2 
- This beta fixes only small bugs found in beta 1 and extends it's usage till the end of Mach. 
- No more new features, as I'm still hopelessly busy trying to make TextSnap work with IE9 and other programs using Direct2D/DirectWrite technology that Microsoft released not so long ago. 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 1 - Correction 
- I made a mistake in coding the expiration date of HyperSnap 7 beta 1, and it expired on Jan. 31, 2011, instead of on Feb. 28. 
- The only change you may notice is an additional option check-box on the "Capture" tab of the ribbon interface, to add extra 4 seconds delay to any capture operation (e.g. to let you open menus etc.). 

HyperSnap 7 Beta 1 - First and unofficial beta test of HyperSnap 7 
- This first beta does not even have a setup program - only a zip file, that you may unzip to an empty folder and then double-click the HprSnap7.exe icon there to start HyperSnap 7. I'm announcing it only here, in this forum, where more advanced users are likely to find it. 
- Note: the new v.7 starts by default with a ribbon interface, similar to what you see in MS Office. If you don't like it, you may click the "Setup" ribbon tab, then click "Menu" to show the classic menu. After that you may click "View" menu, and show the old top toolbar and drawing toolbar - it will then look pretty much like ver. 6, except that some new functions are not available on the menu. You can toggle between menu and ribbon any time.  
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