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2020/03/11 05:24:09 (permalink)

Sentence splitting issue

Hi Greg!
In Hungarian, there are some common abbreviations – e.g. "dr.", "mr.", "mrs." – and the app incorrectly handles these as sentence-ending words.
For example:
"Mondta dr. [new sentence] Spock higgadtan."
  should be: "Mondta doktor Spock higgadtan."
"Mondta Mr. [new sentence] Spock higgadtan."
  should be: "Mondta miszter Spock higgadtan."
"Mondta Mrs. [new sentence] Spock higgadtan."
  should be: "Mondta miszisz Spock higgadtan."
I tried to set patterns like "dr\. " -> "doktor ", but unfortunately it doesn't prevent the sentence splitting.
I use the default Hungarian Google voice [HU-HU] and the latest version of the app: Version 19.3.5.
P.S. I'm a big fan of this app. It played a key role in convincing my parents to get a smartphone a couple years ago. And they use the app ever since then, on a daily basis.

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    Re: Sentence splitting issue 2020/03/11 05:51:53 (permalink)
    Abbreviations for sentence splitting are handled by files named like abbrev-eng.txt, abbrev-fra.txt etc., the 3 letter part after - is a language code, under .assets directory of @Voice home folder. Currently I have such abbreviation directories defined for English, German, Polish, Portugal, Russian and Spanish. If you want, send me by email a list of Hungarian abbreviations, and I'll add them to the app as well. You may also test this yourself, make a file named abbrev-hun.txt, add to it abbreviations one per line (including the dot) and copy it to .config directory under @Voice home folder (you could copy it there using the "File manager" function on @Voice Settings menu). Do not copy your own abbrev-hun.txt file to .assets directory, as a future update of the app could delete it from there.
    A note about Google TTS: it's the most problematic of all Text-to-speech engines... Even if @Voice splits sentences correctly, Google TTS (unlike other TTS voices, e.g. Acapela TTS, Vocalizer TTS and others) will make a sentence pause if it encounters e.g. "dr." in a sentence, so for them you would still need to replace "dr." with "doctor" etc. A better solution is to dump Google voices and buy some good voices from Vocalizer or Acapla, or others you find in Google Play.
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