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[FAQ]Navigation through large books or text files

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Navigation through large books or text files

Press the < icon at top left (also with the loudspeaker image) to access ebook table of content. Choose any chapter you want with a single tap. To move within a chapter (or any other single block of text content), scroll vertically a little bit and a blue circle appears at right, it’s the scroll bar thumb. Touch and move it up or down to go anywhere within the file, e.g. middle right will be 50% of the text length.
If you switch to paginated mode, horizontal scrolling, use the pinch gesture as if to zoom out, or swipe pages horizontally quickly 3 times. The program then displays the pages smaller, and you can scroll horizontally quickly by swiping them or using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.
More detailed instructions:
for moving quickly in a text file (and also PDFs, which are converted to plain text in @Voice), here are some tips:
First, long text or PDF files are broken into segments to fit into available memory. After opening such file in @Voice, you may look at the very bottom, where it small text it tells you the file name, which segment is currently loaded and how many segments there are in total. The round buttons with >> and << symbols move the yellow highlight (the sentence that would be read aloud, if you pressed Play button) by one sentence. If you long-press these buttons, they instead load the next segment of the same file (or the next article on the reading list, if you are reading/listening to short articles, or to the next chapter of ebook etc.)
To scroll quickly _within_ one text segment, first consider which scrolling mode you are using in @Voice, as there are two: vertical scrolling, which is the default, and horizontal scrolling with text being divided into screen size “pages”. I call this second mode also the “paginated mode”. In vertical mode slide or fling your finger vertically to move the contents up/down, or use the blue circle that appears on the right margin to scroll very quickly anywhere within that segment. Once you see the sentence you would like to start listening from, double-tap it. It will get highlighted in yellow, and the reading will go on from there.
In the “paginated mode”, which you may turn on after pressing the T+/- button on top, or “Page look” in the menu if that button is invisible, you change pages by tapping the finger close to left or right margin, or sliding your finger horizontally. If you need to scroll fast, execute a “pinching” gesture with two fingers touching the screen. The pages get smaller and move continuously from left to right. Fling your finger horizontally to scroll quickly or use the horizontal scroll bar that appear at the bottom. When you see the page you want, tap it and the program zooms in to that page. Double tap any sentence again to highlight it in yellow to start reading from there.
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