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Helpful ReplyUpgrade to version 8 from version 7

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2014/09/30 03:32:14 (permalink)

Upgrade to version 8 from version 7

When I try to update to version 8 I am redirected to the hypersnap webpage. I have downloaded the exe. file and run it and it seems to be downloaded as supposed (at least I can see the program (both version 7 and 8) within my controlpanel).
But I cant make it active I still get the old version 7.0. Do I have to remove the old version..?
I am using windows 8
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Re: Upgrade to version 8 from version 7 2014/09/30 07:59:59 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby yufan_allied 2014/10/08 06:54:14
Hello Arsen,
HS 7 and HS 8 can be used simultaneously, BUT only one of both may have shortcuts activated.
You'll have to create a second shortcut for starting HS 8 and you have to configure one - or both - to be started with Windows. Though HS 8 will use your personal settings of HS 7, it is a different program. Take a look at the HS 8-settings and especially the startup section. Decide, which version should have shortcuts and whether both versions should be started with windows.
I have a faint memory, that a previous version of HS 8 grabbed the HS 7-exe when updating. With the current version this won't happen anymore.
So install HS 8 as any other application. Disregard HS 7. It is its own program.
Good luck
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