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New Features in Version 9

  • NEW in version 9.2: Screen OCR to recognize and copy editable text from the screen or images. It is based on the open source Tesseract OCR project. The OCR function in the free evaluation copy of HyperSnap 9 is not crippled in any way and can be used fully without HyperSnap license
  • Screen magnifier (added in ver. 9.1) - like a magnifying glass, enlarges the area around cursor to make clicking small elements easier. Turn on under the Setup ribbon tab or from the "quick access" toolar on top.
  • Auto Backup - All new screen captures, and all images that you edit in HyperSnap, are automatically backed up in the backup folder, and kept there for several days (by default 7 days) before being auto-deleted to free space. No more lost screenshots or image edits on accidental exit of the program, system crash, power outage etc. See more under the File menu - Auto Backup.
  • Snap to vertices and segment middles when drawing lines, arrows, rectangles, polygons etc., by holding down the Ctrl key. Shift key may be held down too to limit drawing to horizontal, vertical or 45 degree angles.
  • Arrow drawing has a "polyline" mode, which lets you draw a series of connected lines as
    one object, ending with an arrowhead.
  • Text and callout object have new option to center text vertically in the box.

The following long depreciated features from older versions were removed in version 9:

  • The old menu and toolbars interface is now removed. The new ribbon interface is the only
    one available.
  • Voice commands are removed. They were never widely used.

New Features in Version 8

  • 64-bit version, allowing the use of the full potential of modern 64-bit computers. Capture and edit much bigger images, fit in memory more captures simultaneously opened in HyperSnap window for editing and processing. A 32-bit version is also available for use on 32-bit systems.
  • Thumbnails list - select all or several of captured images and right-click - Save Selected - Each image to its own file: now prompts you for the folder and image format to save in, instead of as in v.7 automatically saving to the last used folder and file.
  • Thumbnails list - select all or several of captured images and right-click: added new function "Email selected", which will attach multiple images in selected file format to an empty email message.
  • The order of thumbnails in the thumbnail bar may now be re-arranged with drag and drop operation. This is important e.g. if you want to save some or all of images into one PDF file, and the order in which they are saved is important.
  • You may now drag out one image thumb, or several of them if marked with check-marks, to Windows desktop or Explorer folders. Upon dropping the thumbnails there, the images will be saved in that folder as PNG or JPEG files. You may also drag-drop them to other targets that accept files, e.g. MS Word, email, web file upload forms etc.
  • Wider lines when drawing shapes possible - under the "Line Style" tool, click "Wider Lines" menu item and type the new width in pixels.More "skins" under Setup ribbon tab - "Skin" button, including Office 2013 themesOther possible enhancements will be added to version 8, depending on your feedback.

New Features in Version 7

  • New user interface, using Ribbon instead of menu and toolbars. However you can still switch to the old menu/toolbars interface if you want. We recommend that you give try to the new UI though, as some features are not available or more difficult to access with the old interface.
  • Big enhancements to HyperSnap drawing editor - all shapes drawn are now kept as separate objects. You may select them at any time, move, modify, delete. You may also imprint them permanently on the image at any time.
  • New shapes in drawing editor - different types of callouts, arc, opened and closed polylines. When needed, you may switch to "draw directly on image" mode. This could be useful e.g. to edit small icons, where each pixel counts, while for bigger images we recommend the new shape drawing mode.
  • New native HyperSnap file format .dhs - preserves the drawn shapes as separate objects for later editing.
  • Support for opacity (alpha channel) - any part of an image can be made completely or partially transparent.
  • A much enhanced color picker on the Ribbon "Edit" tab - select colors from standard palette, define up to 8 user colors, switch between using the foreground/line color or background/fill color, pick color form anywhere on the screen, set RGB or HSL color codes with sliders or by typing values, displays and offers a quick copy of HTML color code like #E6C01A, "pin" colors to use the same colors in all editied images or have separate selections for each image and more.
  • Optional thumbnail list showing small previews of all images captured or opened in HyperSnap window. Click on thumbnails to switch the big window to that image. Select multiple images in Thumbnails View window, then right click to apply group operations on selected images, e.g. resize them, print, save to one multi-page file (TIFF or PDF) or to separate image files in one operation.
  • Save images to PDF files. Can also open PDF files created with HyperSnap 7, but not other PDFs.
  • Region capture enhancements - select unrestrained or pre-defined aspect ratio of captured region (e.g. 4:3, 16:9 or user defined), select a pre-defined fixed size of captured region, e.g. 640x480 pixels, and move it around the screen.
  • Support for FireFox 4 and newer with FireFox add-on to capture entire pages etc.
  • Many more smaller enhancements.

New Features in Version 6

  • TextSnap feature to capture editable text from almost anywhere on the screen, when running under Windows 2000, XP or newer. Starting from ver. 6.10 can also capture tab-delimited data for easy paste into MS Excel.
  • TextSnap™ - text capture with auto-scrolling
  • Option to add shadows to drawn objects
  • Double-headed arrows
  • Region capture mode now shows cursor coordinates.

New Features in Version 5

  • Multi-document tabbed user interface, lets you snap and open as many images at once in one HyperSnap-DX frame window, and easily switch between them with tabs at the bottom of the frame window.

  • New free-hand capture method, to draw any outline on the screen and capture only what's inside.

  • Save (upload) to FTP server feature, working also with automatic timed saving.

  • New powerful "Stamps" feature, accessible from "Image" menu and drawing toolbar, allows you to define "stamps" that contain graphics, text or both. Text may contain macros that expand to current date, time, file name etc. at the time of stamp usage. Stamps may be inserted directly on an image, or appended at top or bottom as a header or footer.

  • An option to automatically stamp - or add header, footer to - all captured images with pre-defined stamps.

  • New "Add drop shadow" and "Add frame" functions on "Image" menu, with an option to auto-add a shadow or frame to all captures.

  • New "Blend Selection" slider, allows you to blend a pasted or selected image fragment with underlying bitmap at any opacity level from 0 to 100%.

  • Text adding is more powerful now, allowing to mix fonts, colors and styles of text within a single "add text" box. Also you may edit the text after inserting it by double clicking the text, as long as you did not change the underlying bitmap in any other way yet.

  • New "Tools" menu where you may add commands to start other programs or open other documents from within HS-DX interface.

  • New help in HTML Help format and more "helpful" popup messages after clicking on a user interface item with "What Is?" help cursor.

  • Many more small improvements.

Feature List - Version 4

Multiple Image Formats
Save your image as a BMP, GIF or JPEG file. GIFs can optionally be interlaced and include transparent backgrounds, and HyperSnap-DX can create progressive JPEGs, perfect for World Wide Web page use. Choose your color depth for BMP captures, too. This version supports TIFF, LEAD (CMP), CALS, CCITT Fax (FAX), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), GEM Image (IMG), IBM IOCA (RAW), Macintosh Picture (PIC, PICT), MacPaint (MAC), Microsoft Paint (MSP), OS/2 Bitmap (BMP), SUN Raster (RAS), Targa (TGA), WinFax (WFX), Windows Metafile (WFM), WordPerfect (WPG), Portable Graphics PNG, and Adobe PSD, many with optional sub-formats and variations, to the file formats that you can open and save.

File Format Conversions
Use HyperSnap-DX for file format conversions and editing. Capture in DirectX or 3dfx GLIDE Applications! Now you can make those special game and other captures you could never do before.

Capture images from multiple monitors at once, when used on multi-monitor setups under Windows 98 or 2000. Resize captures or image files using the powerful image manipulation tools in HyperSnap-DX.

Edit and annotate images directly in in HyperSnap-DX. Change the color depth of your image to 2, 16, 256, or 16 million colors, with eight dithering choices, or grayscale or halftone images. Include the cursor image in your image to better display your product's features.

Built-in Crop Feature
Use the built-in Crop feature to remove rectangular sections from within an image, or use conventional cropping for making final edits to your capture without transferring it to another program.

And there's an Undo feature to bail you out of the "oops!" factor.

Capture an image of an entire web page, file listing, or other scrolling windows by using HyperSnap-DX 4's unique Auto Scroll Window capture option.

Labor Savings
The flexible and labor-saving Window capture option captures whole windows and smaller sections of windows, highlighting the boundaries of each of your options, to make a quick and accurate capture without eyestrain and further editing.

Minimize HyperSnap-DX to a system tray icon, ready for action with a convenient right-click capture menu.

Choose your own hot keys that quickly capture the entire Desktop, any Rectangle you outline, or the highlighted Window or Client, and automatically repeat the capture every x seconds or by using another hot key.

Automatically save each of your captures to a file. You can even set the application to trigger new captures over a user-defined period, and HyperSnap-DX 4 will increment the file names for you during the process.

Print your capture directly from HyperSnap-DX -- it will expand the image to the size of the paper and margins that you set, print multiple pages, and even add a frame, reverse, or reduce the output to blue and white.

Drag and Drop graphics files on HyperSnap-DX to open them.

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